• DD12 - Schweinfurt in Colors

      16.+17.9.2023 DDC Factory, Floridastrasse 1 Schweinfurt The Dirty Dozen & DDC Factory With Summer Jam for the whole family
    • DD12 - Station-Jam, 2024

      16.+17.3.2024 Bruchkoebel station Fresh from the region 24 Writers, 1 Concept wall With food trucks and music

      In the spotlight: KRON

      • In the focus: Kron from Basel (Switzerland) Stylewriter since the end of the 80ies. Paints custom art for cars and bikes with airbrush, tattoos and makes graphical artworks for different kind of projects. Kron's first participation at the Dirty Dozen was in 2012 and this year he will attend again. He also made the graphic for "Schweinfurt in Colors". Read all about Kron's career and his attitude towards graffiti, street art and art in the Spotlight interview.

      Past News

      Brochures and article in the city magazine

      Two more weeks! And now the brochures (designed by @ddc.entertainment ) are available. And there's also an article in the Schweinfurt city magazine! Grab an issue and a few brochures and mark the date!

      Latest News

      off the wall - Graffiti and urban art

      From September 15 to October 15, 2023, the exhibition "Off the Wall" will take place as part of the jam "Schweinfurt in Colors" in the cabinet in the basement of Kunsthalle Schweinfurt.

      With the group exhibition "off the wall" it presents selected works of the artists Kai Semor (Cologne), Dreist (Aschaffenburg), Christian Böhmer (Cologne/ Schweinfurt), Zonenkinder Collective (Hamburg) as well as Speedy (Aschaffenburg) and thus opens an access to the broad creative spectrum, which goes far beyond the mere spraying of wall surfaces.

      The exhibition bridges the gap between art in public space and the museum environment and brings the artists from the street into the rooms of the Kunsthalle. This idea is supported by the graffiti festival "Schweinfurt in Colors" taking place at the same time on the facade of the "DDC Factory" in Schweinfurt, where the artists participating in the exhibition can also be seen live at work. The works created there are open to the public and will remain so until further notice, so that the interested visitor can experience both worlds together.

      Kunsthalle Schweinfurt: https://www.kunsthalle-schweinfurt.de 

      WallPen is guest at the Dirty Dozen jam in Schweinfurt

      We will have the company "WallPen" as a guest at our Dirty Dozen jam in Schweinfurt!

      You haven't seen such yet and have to be there!
      See how a wall printer will print one of MONE's designs on one of the walls and "represent" MONE who won't be able to attend on this weekend.

      All information about WallPen can be found on: https://wallpen.com .


      "OFF THE WALL"


      Vernissage at the 15th of September, 2023



      Questions? Answers

      • How did you come up with the name?

        A dozen artists and the prejudice that sprayers are generally grease artists and you have "The Dirty Dozen" together. With this action we want to show that we and our pictures are anything but dirty, even if our pants, jackets, gloves, fingers and shoes are often covered with paint residue. For many years, graffiti has been part of the cityscape worldwide, and of course also in Frankfurt. Partly commissioned, mostly not, the images and messages on the walls and on the trains polarize. However, this phenomenon hardly ever ends up in public discussions. We try to build bridges and create new perspectives for supporters and opponents. Our approach will certainly not break down all barriers and eliminate prejudices anytime soon. But we hope to be able to give important suggestions.

      • Could this action also be repeated in my city?

        The first actions took place in Frankfurt am Main, but are not limited to the city. We are happy to paint elsewhere as well. If you think an area in your city needs a new coat of paint and you have or know of an appropriate area that can be designed, just send us an e-mail to: kontakt@dasdreckigedutzend.org .

      • How and where can I apply for one of the Jams?

        A registration/application for participation is possible via "Jams/Participation". However, if the number of possible participants has already been reached, the application will be closed, which will be noted on the application page.


      • War ein mega Wochenende mit guten Vibes und super Womens:) Danke an Niklas für so eine mega organisierte Jam wo es an nichts, wirklich an nichts fehlte.
      • Danke danke danke @aerosolqueens für alles 🙏💕 Es war ein zauberhaftes Zusammenkommen so vieler lieber Menschen!
      • Thank you for this amazing Jam! See you next time!
      • Gute Zeit und viel Spaß mit pöks und vielen anderen bei den aerosolqueens! Thanks a lot!
      • Props gehen raus an alle, die an der Orga beteiligt waren. Es war echt großartig bei Euch im Westen...besser hätt's nicht laufen können!! Wir freuen uns schon sehr aufs nächste Jahr
      • Again an awesome weekend with inspiring people in Frankfurt. It was organized so well again. Great food, great people, great music and atmosphere! I hope not to get used to this luxury.
      • Vielen Dank...auch dieses Jahr wieder super Beherbergung, Organisation, super gechilltes jam...#simplythebest
      • Many thanks for the incredible attention and nice vibes.
      • Ein tolles Wochenende mit wunderbaren Menschen, wirklich alles war perfekt 🥺💖. Ihr habt mich super empfangen und die Absprache und Koordination war perfekt, danke für nette schöne Location, die Geschenke und vor allem die gemeinsame Zeit ❤🔥. Freue mich darauf, euch wiederzusehen 🔥. Danke an Aerosolqueens für die Einladung und die Organisation, und an alle, die wirklich da waren.
      • Thanks again for the invitation! It was a nice event with great atmosphere and nice exchanges between the artists.
      • Gute Zeit und viel Spaß mit pöks und vielen anderen bei den aerosolqueens! Thanks a lot! 👑
      • Danke aerosolqueens fürs organisieren und klasse sein 🍉💕 auch wenn ich nicht dabei sein konnte, es ist wieder fantastisch geworden!! Danke für diese klasse Arbeit!
      • Mit Abstand eine der feinsten Jams im Lande! Dickes Danke an Niclas und das gesamte Team von der JuFö! Euer unermüdlicher Einsatz und Spaß an der Sache hat das Wochenende wieder zu einem unvergesslichen Event geformt. Supernice Leute, ein weites Spektrum an Silen (und Styles), und durchgehend gute Vibes! Rock on, Queens! 💗
      • Thank you for this amazing Jam 💗 See you next time!
      • Thanks for connecting us and the great hospitality and organization. Would love to come back!
      • Ich war noch nie auf so einer extrem gut organisierten und relaxten Jam.
      • Was für eine wahnsinns Orga, ich bin sprachlos und kann nur sagen: Respekt und Hut ab!!!
      • Germany's best jam 2023! Many thanks for the great orga!
      • Tolles Projekt! Und vielen Dank, dass wir mit unseren Produkten dabei sein dürfen! 🙏
      • Sehr sehr geile jam! Es hat einfach alles gestimmt! Wirklich alles ! Geile Leute geile Pieces geile Mucke geiles Wetter geiles Essen! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 wir sehen uns definitiv beim nächsten Mal wieder ! #graffiticantbestopped ❤️🙌💣
      • Vielen Dank für Dein / Euer Engagement, die Planung und Koordination für ein super schönes Wochenende. Tolle Location, tolle Leute, tolle Musik, tolles Wetter = perfekte Vibes! 😊 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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