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The planning for 2021 has started and the current situation does not make it any easier. However, one thing should already be certain: Since we do not believe in a significant improvement of the situation, which would allow us to have the DD12 as the planned jam in the youth centre, we are again planning a slimmed-down concept; a DD12 21 Light.

Concerning the wall(s) for next year, we will have a first discussion next week. Depending on its outcome and the wall, the concept as well as the selected artists will be determined.
There is already a list of potential participants, but the application round starts today. Unfortunately, due to possible conditions (number of persons, ban on events yes/no, size of the area, travel restrictions, ban on accommodation, etc.) we cannot guarantee that every participant will be invited. But let's look ahead first, because everything is still open and half a year time is still left, because we plan mid May as the date. All news and information can be found as usual here or via our newsletter (to be found on the homepage below).

Of course we will also tackle the topic of sponsoring early on, as many companies have deadlines for applications. On the other hand, however, many companies may be affected by considerable losses in turnover, which is why we are all even more thankful for financial support and sponsors who are willing to sponsor us despite the general and thus also economic situation. Information on this topic can be found under "Support".