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Feature: Mainstyle

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If not the first mag, in 1988 Mainstyle was at least one of the very first graffiti mags in Frankfurt and the closer region. Having started as a simple B/W collection of pages, it developed into a mag, partly colored, with graffiti pictures from other cities and countries.

After a pause in the 90ies Mainstyle is now the biggest collection of graffiti pictures in the region and a documentary website which informs about upcoming events and shows pictures from events like the Schrotti Jam, Meeting of Styles, Ratswegkreisel and so on.

Joerg, the man behind Mainstyle, is one of the most active graffiti photographers around and can be seen wherever a graffit event takes or took part, always trying to make it possible to publish the latest stuff. Mainstyle shows graffitis mainly from Bad Homburg, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, ... from walls to trains.
Joerg is an active member of the early Hip Hop movement in Frankfurt since the early 80ies, still being in contact with oldschoolers; from DJs to MCs and Writers. Having made some tries with the spray can, he was also into DJing and started taking pictures pretty early. While the first photographs documented politic paroles, he soon had discovered the appeal of graffiti and today has a huge(!) collection of pictures. Thus he knows what he's documenting and talking about and is not only a great source for graffiti flicks but even a great supporter and a true Hip Hopper.

Visit his website at www.mainstyle.org and his Instagram account @mainstylefrankfurt .

Image/logo: Joerg Kuberek - Mainstyle.org