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46. Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary Party

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The official date of birth of the Universal Zulu Nation is the 12th of November, 1973. The offiicial date of birth of Hip Hop is the 12th of November, 1974. That's why we wanted to celebrate the Hip Hop culture and it's history in the "Kontext" in Wiesbaden this November! 

Universal Zulu Nation does this since several years.
The Hip Hop community should honor this month and savour those who who laid the foundation and paved the way, as well as those who keep the tradition.
There was a celebration with the DJs of the Zulu Nation and they had deluxe sounds from the earlier days of the Hip Hop culture.

More information can be found under: https://kontext-wiesbaden.de/2019/09/12/sa-16-11-19-46th-anniversary-of-the-universal-zulu-nation/

Image: Kontext Wiesbaden