By Frankfurters for Frankfurt

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The date for the event is approaching and so slowly everything is in dry cloths.
Therefore, we would already like to thank all supporters and sponsors who are committed to us and contribute to the fact that this thing can go to the start.
"By Frankfurters für Frankfurt" becomes very clear.

It is written on "": "One thing is clear: Frankfurt is the first address when it comes to finance, corporations and success. But it is also clear that the mixture of skyscrapers and suits makes many founders shy away. They often lack the freedom and lightheartedness they find in other European cities. But the Main metropolis has more to offer than it seems at first glance. [...]"
That's right: Frankfurt may not be as open minded and relaxed as other cities, here and abroad, but some things are possible in Frankfurt too, as our event and our supporters and also the participants show, who travel all the way to be part of it. And that makes us proud, happy, and all the more motivation we have for the event in September. But also for the planning for 2020, because "The Dirty Dozen" is to become bigger and more extensive.
Details will follow ;)

The Dirty Dozen" and the Jam next year are and will be organised by and with Frankfurters in Frankfurt, and most of the companies involved are traditional Frankfurt companies or have been based in Frankfurt for quite some time, with a branch or a sales office in Frankfurt. And that even non-Frankfurt companies and groups support us, honors us. We are therefore delighted to be able to show that such a small project can be supported and implemented in such a large city.