After the silence we eventually have some news. The planning and preparations for the "Dirty Dozen 2019" are in full progress. There is still a lot to do, but we are happy to inform you that the list of 12 artists is almost complete. And also the first sponsors have confirmed their participation again.

So far the line-up for this year is as follows:

REDS (Leipzig), AMBER (Frankfurt), DIES (Frankfurt), EMBE (Gelnhausen), BLOK and SHOK (Aschaffenburg), BYTER (Frankfurt), RUSL (Constance), DON COPSA (Magdeburg), WOK (Magdeburg), MIND ONE (Ingelheim)

In addition, we are going to have a special guest from Frankfurt, who many writers from Frankfurt and the surrounding area might still know/remember.

As the first sponsors, the following companies have already pledged their support again:

link arrow icon Geruestbau Paul (Frankfurt), link arrow icon Malerbetriebe Mensinger GmbH (Frankfurt), link arrow icon Kannemann Zeichenbedarf (Frankfurt) and link arrow icon Publikat/Stylefile (Grossostheim)

We already say: "Thank you!"

Now you will ask yourself: When, What and Where?

Concerning the "When" we can already tell you: "The Dirty Dozen" will take place on 28th and 29th of September, 2019! The "Where" is still open. And the motto? We will announce this in one of the next news, since this is also not yet 100% decided. There is still a lot to do, to clarify and to organize, because this year we would like to offer all participants and spectators a little more than the times before.

So: Stay tuned!

Even if it is currently quite quiet here, there is no standstill in terms of planning. For this year it is planned to organize "The Dirty Dozen" not in April like the past times, but in September/October. But of course we will announce more details. Besides we think  about of renaming the event, but there is no decision yet.

At the moment we have talks with artists, sponsors, cities and communities. Afterwards we are looking for a suitable and large area and have already written to some contact persons, whose answers we are currently still waiting for.

So wait and see and drink tea.