Fire brigade supports us in cleaning the wall

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Shortly after the completion of our "comic wall" in spring of this year, it had been crossed pretty soon. Thanks to the multiple sealing of the surface by a company, commissioned by the city, the paint can be removed relatively easily (even with a fingernail).

For the cleaning of the large area and due to the local conditions we thought that here only larger equipment could be used. Therefore we spoke with the link arrow icon volunteer fire brigade Ginnheim, which was immediately willing to support us  cleaning the wall, after a short local inspection and investigation. For this purpose they provided a fire engine and sprayed the wall with a jet pipe. Apparently the pressure was not enough, so the paint could not be removed. 
In the next step we will therefore clean the surface with high pressure. Therefore the fire-brigade would support us again by sending a fire engine for water and power supply and make their ladders available.

For their support we already thank the link arrow icon volunteer fire-brigade Ginnheim !

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