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She sold cans in her cellar and always had a story about colours, caps and magazines to tell. She was confidant, connected to the scene and always up to date.
She knew the greats of the scene personally: from Bomber to Loomit and Daim to Seen, and the murals in the backyard of her house had been painted by famous writers.

She had been questioned by the SOKO Graffiti and had pretended to known noone and nothing, she still had canvases, photos and files with "club registrations" with her and always had an anecdote ready.
In spring we sat together, having coffee and cake and in September she should haveb been our announced special guest.

But this week Helga Wally passed away and with her we lose a true graffiti lover and advocate and a real scene member.


We thank you, Helga, for the trust you have always placed in us, for cans in advance, for coffee sit ins in your kitchen and for your commitment to graffiti!
We will gladly' remember you! Take care and how did you say in your cellar back in 93?
"Ah, Belton Taubenblau. Great color! And here I have some more caps. Just take it with you and try it."