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Here's another update:


We are happy to have IBIS Hotels as our loyal supporter again. The writers again have a comfortable stay overnight and thus can spend the weekend stress-free.

spaeth knoll

Furthermore we could win the company Späth Knoll Farben und Putze for the campaign, which will supply us with the facade paint. Many thanks again for your support!

If you wonder where the whole thing will take place, you will have to wait until the end of the month, when it should be clear where we will paint. First discussions with property owners have already been positive and the first area (either 2x200m or 4x45m) is already at our disposal.
A bunker, requested by us at the cultural office, was unfortunately not released after internal discussions, but at present we are still waiting for the result of local association and the city of Frankfurt as far as the remaining two further areas concerns. Decisions in this regard will be made at the end of July.

So it remains exciting and there is still a lot to do.