And this is a new intermediate result:

The dozen artists are complete and this time they include well-known writers from Germany and Switzerland. The cast alone should be a guarantee for a successful result.

Unfortunately we won't get any cans this year, which makes things more difficult, but we'll get a solution sooner or later.
At any rate, the motto stands and will be made public, soon. Currently, the organizer is still in talks with property owners to clarify the "what" and "how". Thus might be shortly clear which wall will be ours. So much can be said: This time we will stay - or be again - in Frankfurt. More details will follow soon.
Furthermore, the plan is to provide some entertainment during the campaign, which is why discussions are still ongoing.

So, on the whole, not many details yet, but enough to show that the work for the implementation in September is in full swing.
If you want to get involved or know someone who wants to get involved, just check out "Support" and get in touch.