Oops, wie did it again

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At the beginning of April we designed a part of the large bridge (Rosa-Luxemburg-Allee and underground station) at the "Ginnheimer Wäldchen" in Frankfurt with the motif: "Großstadtschungel", which was deliberately destroyed only two weeks later.

We received numerous "complaints", offers of support and letters, and the city also campaigned for a "thorough cleaning" of the wall. We therefore decided at short notice to redesign the area at our own expense. Within two days we had a troop together and thought of a concept. Without much advertising we met on Saturday at half past nine and started.

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The concept this time: "Comichelden" as a comic page over the whole wall. The participants provided colours and materials themselves this time, but this did not detract from the atmosphere and motivation. On the contrary: The motivation was even higher than the first time and at the end everyone looked happily at the wall. And the comments of passers-by and spectators confirmed the idea and implementation.

This time we hope for a longer durability of the picture, which should be guaranteed thanks to the commitment of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

We would like to thank the City of Frankfurt am Main for their commitment and the support and scaffolding Paul provided for the scaffolding that was made available to us and the city again.

On the wall this time were: Kick, Redok, Sean, Cesm, Etas, Amber, Cink, Wired to the Moon, Snok and Dies.
Thanks to everyone for the effort, two great and relaxed days and thanks to the ice cream truck driver, who stopped again after work, opened his shop and provided us with milkshakes and ice cream.

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