DD1222 is over. What's next?

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The weekend is over and so is "Das Dreckige Dutzend", 2022. From 12 participants planned in 2017, there were almost 50 this year. After the bumpy start five years ago, we would not have thought that this jam series would develop so quickly in this direction. Thus we are pleased about the consistently positive feedback from all participants and visitors as well as the participating companies.
Despite the bad weather that had been announced, on Saturday we had what seemed to be the only almost rain-free corridor in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, which almost was a miracle. This gave us only a few visitors, but a long rain-free time to work and design the walls. Sunday was finally sunny and again paint-technically active. Overall, we had again two completely relaxed and harmonious days with absolutely cool walls as a result.

Now the question arises - also with the participants and visitors: What's next? What comes next?
This much can be revealed: The potential guest list already contains 60(!) participants and we are only talking about writers! Accordingly, the search for a suitable location, for sponsors and perhaps for the first time for helpers is already beginning. For those who are interested, appropriate information will be published here soon, so that you know what to expect. The present one-man project will, if the development continues in such a way, not be possible to be handled by one person any longer.

In addition, the question arose whether there is a donation pot and the answer is: Yes. The donation button was available on this website and is now available again.  And of course, as in the case of sponsors and supporters, all donors will be mentioned accordingly.
There was also a question about where the next jam will take place. And that is indeed not yet determined. Quite clear is in the meantime: It doesn't have to be Frankfurt anymore. The decisive factor is the location, which must fit the planned concept in many aspects, the commitment and interest of the respective city and the local sponsors. And if all that can be found in Buxtehude, Bad Homburg or Kaiserslautern, then it's fine for me.
But there's still a year to go and in between there's still the Aerosol Queens. And yes: There will be a sequel. When, will be announced here. Where? Most likely in Babenhausen again. :)
So much for the current status and planning. Pictures from DD1222 will be posted here soon. But you can already find a whole bunch of them on our Instagram account