Retzlaff and Joka support us

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We are happy to have won two more supporters today: Retzlaff Getraenke and the company Joka!
Both companies are located in Frankfurt Kalbach, in the immediate vicinity of the youth center and are therefore "local supporters".


Joka, the specialist in interior design, provides us with a floor covering for the Breakers! So they have a perfect and also high quality underground to be able to perform on.
We would like to thank "Joka" very much and refer to their website for information about the company: .



Furthermore we thank the beverage wholesaler Horst Retzlaff, who supports us with a beverage contingent for the registered participants. Thus nobody should be thirsty and will be supplied with drinks.
If you want to inform yourself about the Retzlaff company, you will find information on their website ( about the company itself, as well as about their offers such as beverage assortment, party service, bar car, etc.

But also the visitors will not be left out in the cold, thanks to the food truck of the "Burgermeister", who sells not only burgers & co. but also drinks.