Big Line-Up already!

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We still have November, but already the next fresh news for you, because the line-up for the Jam is almost complete!
While we had to freeze the list of writers first, something is still happening elsewhere.

And so it's an honor to have another star from the scene with us, besides Hip Hop old master Cutmaster GB: DJ Mirko Machine!
What's a great honor for us, means best DJing for you. In addition there's German Rap from the city of Frankfurt with DJ Yester and the Duebel Brueder (Binding Squad)!

And who now believes we would not cover all pillars of hip hop, is wrong. Because with the Funky Harlekinz from Marburg and the True Rokin Soul from Mannheim we have real breakers in the line-up to complete the jam feeling!

If you can't wait now, we can understand, but there's still a lot to do.
We will keep you up to date.