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Due to the evolving situation, we decided to cancel the DD12 for May, hoping to meet again in September.
The "Jugendhaus am Buegel", where we would have been guests, has already closed indefinitely and we do not want to actively promote a further distribution of the disease. There are already enough others taking care of that. Our appeal at this point: Stay at home! We cannot understand it and do not know how big the arrogance and ignorance of the individuals is, to not taking the situation seriously but making fun out of it. We would like to distance ourselves clearly from this!
We hope that the situation will have improved in September so that we can welcome you at the DD12, and we would be happy to see all the acts, we have promised so far, in September and perhaps find a main sponsor by then, which might be even more difficult in view of the financial losses of the companies.
As usual we will post news and information here and on Facebook (DDDStreetArt) as well as by sending our newsletter.
So: Stay healthy, cover yourself up with toilet paper (irony), stay at home(!) and keep your fingers crossed that the wave rolls by quickly and without major collateral damage.

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The new year is still young and we used the season to go out into the snow for you.
In addition to the previous event we are planning a number of unusual activities, which is why we are currently and in the near future planning various location checks. And the first check led us into the snow.

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The preparations for DD12 in May are ongoing and today we had first measurings. Geruestbau Paul was onsite to measure the wall, for which we need a scaffolding for, and to talk over further details. This means that we not only have an energetic and loyal supporter with us again, but also a 1A scaffold with professional assembly and safety to enable working at airy heights on one of the walls.

For that again: Many thanks!

Just inform yourself about further works and projects of the traditional Frankfurt company via their website: