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The weekend is over and so is "Das Dreckige Dutzend", 2022. From 12 participants planned in 2017, there were almost 50 this year. After the bumpy start five years ago, we would not have thought that this jam series would develop so quickly in this direction. Thus we are pleased about the consistently positive feedback from all participants and visitors as well as the participating companies.
Despite the bad weather that had been announced, on Saturday we had what seemed to be the only almost rain-free corridor in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, which almost was a miracle. This gave us only a few visitors, but a long rain-free time to work and design the walls. Sunday was finally sunny and again paint-technically active. Overall, we had again two completely relaxed and harmonious days with absolutely cool walls as a result.

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Contrary to our name, "Das Dreckige Dutzend", it is always important to us to reuse the utensils we use as much as possible after use or at least to dispose of them properly.
Therefore, we are happy that FES Frankfurt supports us free of charge this year and provides us with trash cans for the disposal of the empty cans, which are then professionally recycled.

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We are about to start the first Aerosol Queens Jam. This weekend, on 03.+04.9., the first female writers jam will take place at and in the outdoor pool in Babenhausen, Bismarckstrasse 4.
We are looking forward to welcome participants from all over Germany and their artworks they will provide. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we have good weather on Saturday and let's celebrate in the context of a summer festival.
So come on by, chill, go to the pool and let's have a good time.

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This year's DD12 is sponsored by the Frankfurt program Active Neighborhood, for which we would like to thank them very much!
Only thanks to their great financial support it is possible for us to cover a large part of the costs and to offer you a correspondingly extensive event.

The municipal "Frankfurt Program - Active Neighborhood" has been active in 20 neighborhoods in Frankfurt am Main since 2000, now under the direction of the Department of Social Affairs, Senior Citizens, Youth and Law.
The goal is to improve the living situation and strengthen social cohesion in the selected areas. The neighborhoods are determined by the city parliament and are continuously supplemented to further develop the program.

More information on the Frankfurt Active Neighborhood program can be found at: