She sold cans in her cellar and always had a story about colours, caps and magazines to tell. She was confidant, connected to the scene and always up to date.
She knew the greats of the scene personally: from Bomber to Loomit and Daim to Seen, and the murals in the backyard of her house had been painted by famous writers.

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And this is a new intermediate result:

The dozen artists are complete and this time they include well-known writers from Germany and Switzerland. The cast alone should be a guarantee for a successful result.

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Even if it is currently quite quiet here, there is no standstill in terms of planning. For this year it is planned to organize "The Dirty Dozen" not in April like the past times, but in September/October. But of course we will announce more details. Besides we think  about of renaming the event, but there is no decision yet.

At the moment we have talks with artists, sponsors, cities and communities. Afterwards we are looking for a suitable and large area and have already written to some contact persons, whose answers we are currently still waiting for.

So wait and see and drink tea.

After the silence we eventually have some news. The planning and preparations for the "Dirty Dozen 2019" are in full progress. There is still a lot to do, but we are happy to inform you that the list of 12 artists is almost complete. And also the first sponsors have confirmed their participation (again).

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