DD12 Jam 2020


"The Dirty Dozen" is a graffiti-focused small writer meeting with a changing cast. So far music came out of a box and there was no other program for spectators and interested people. From time to time, however, the desire to expand the scope grew: more painters, more space, a bit of other program. And so we follow the multiple wish and will make a jam out of the classic "Dirty Dozen", where 12 artists design a wall together and where the focus is purely on the writing. Therefore we are already in the middle of planning a Hip Hop Jam in the classic style of the 90s and expand the previous Writer-Line Up with DJs, MCs and Breakers. A few stands with graffiti or hip hop related art and craftsmanship will round it off.


For all this we need a suitable location and we found it in the youth centre "Am Bügel" in Frankfurt's district of Bonames. The cooperation gives us the opportunity to significantly expand the organisation and thus the framework. Writers will be offered more space, DJs and MCs will have a small stage, breakers can dance in front of it and spectators and stands will find enough space on the area.
The youth centre "Am Bügel" is no newcomer when it comes to the organisation of youth events. Every year they organize the "Character Jam" and the "njoy: culture & sports festival".


Character Jam

Since 2010 the "Character Jam" takes place on the grounds of the youth centre; an annual graffiti event with a special focus on character design. Also in 2020 there will be another Character Jam, which will have its 10th anniversary in that year. A good opportunity to celebrate the anniversary accordingly. Therefore, both graffiti events will offer more than their actual program in May . "Character Jam feat. The Dirty Dozen" or "The Dirty Dozen meets Character Jam". Whatever. One thing is certain: it will be colourful again; with fresh styles and characters.