The weekend is over and behind us lies a day of painting in Frankfurt's Ostend. "Light" version or not: Great people met again on a top wall. And so we painted 100m of the property wall of the company "Mandausch/Reißwolf" in best summer weather.

To connect to last year's Europa wall, we chose "My City" again and so the participants brought elements of their home country into the pictures. So we went from Europe via Switzerland, Berlin, Koblenz, Aschaffenburg and Wiesbaden to Frankfurt. With the pictures another worth seeing section was created and we would like to thank again the participants as well as the sponsors, who again contributed to the success:

JMS Cuts (Schweiz), ZWERG (Schweiz), LONE (Wiesbaden), STEN (Aschaffenburg), SPEEDY (Aschaffenburg), BLOK SHOK (Aschaffenburg), MONKEY (Wiesbaden), RADIK.42 (Koblenz), CINK (Frankfurt), MISTER (Berlin), BORN CREW (Frankfurt)

Malerwerkstätten Mensinger, Montana/mtn94, Späth Knoll Farben und Putze, IBIS Hotels

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